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About the Life with Music Project(LMP)

Organization Overview:
::: NAME :::: Life with Music Project

::: President NAME ::: Akira NIshimiya

::: DATE FOUNDED ::: April 1, 2005

::: DUNS Number ::: 713036614
- Perform programs that promote culture in the community.
- Plan, develop and perform music experience programs for children.
- Coordinate collaborative efforts by government and citizens.
- Plan, produce and coordinate initiatives to revive public cultural facilities.
- Perform outreach activities as well as research on outreach activities.
- Recommend policies on reviving local communities through outreach activities.
- Develop artists suitable for outreach activities.
We perform education programs all over the country to have the audience feel closer to music, and become interested in music through listening and playing instruments.
Life with Music Project offers a wide variety of music without limiting the genre to classical music. Through experiencing various types of music, we hope they would ultimately develop an interest in classical music.
We also take great care in having people have a good time by meeting and communicating with the musicians. We are especially noted for planning, producing, and presenting programs that are performed by musicians themselves.
We have been acclaimed highly for being a pioneer organization in our country notably for outreach activities, where we offer international contents at the highest level. We have also been widely recognized for our first-class achievements and our efforts have been also been introduced overseas. Numerous media has introduced that our programs have positive impact on children who meet and experience our performances.
::: Partnership organization ::: New York Philharmonic Education Department